Mr. Ayyub Kasim Mulla
National Highschool & Jr. College, Dapoli

Dear All,

The campus of Muslim Education Society, Dapoli,is a pleasant habitat of meaningful learning for pupils. With smiles on their faces, they enter the school every day and enjoy learning by being inquisitive, involved and engaged.

The Society, right from the inception of the Institution in 1940, has been a cherishable strength of our school as it ensures individual support and co-operation in building wonderful careers and lives of our students. Apart from this, the school regards parents’ role as one of the most valuable fragments in and something which can take a lion’s share in giving right direction to the progress of our pupils; so, Parents-Teachers Association is an integral part in planning, implementation and control over the academic curriculum of our school.

National High school & Junior College is a synonym for Excellence, leadership and service. We give quality education through developing curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular talents. It is the common endeavour of teachers, parents and the Society to accomplish the full and harmonious development and all-around talent of our students.

Our teachers constantly upgrade their skills to undertake this task through the continuous professional development programme facilitated by the school.

The intention of the school is to make quality education within the reach of common people. The school promotes sound moral, Islamic and scientific education to pupils. In short, we train the students to become academically excellent and useful citizen of India.